Lodging europeen plan, boat and motor

3 night stay with check in on thursday or friday

4 nigth stay with check in on sunday or monday

590$ per person

7 nigth stay

875$ per person

112$ per person, per extra night


 Including :
lodging and  baited site

 6 Night stay europeen plan

960$ per person without fishing

 1550$ per person with fishing at Half-Moon



Including: Lodging and private territory

Minimum of 4 hunters

 6 Night stay europeen plan

695$ per person without fishing

975$ per person with fishing

Small Games

Including lodging

 Minimum of 3 nights

95$  per person per night
230$ per person per night with fishing



Taxes, licenses and gasoline are not included in prices

American Plan available for an extra of 70$ per person per night