Frequently asked questions

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Q: How do I get there?
A: Click here to see the map

Q: Where can I see you on google map?
A: Half-Moon here et Marmette-sur-le-Gouin here.

Q: What are the fish quota for pike and walleye?
A: The limit is of 8 for walleye at the reservoir or 6 at Half-moon lake,  and 10 for pike.

Q: Can I get there by plane?
A: Yes, you can get here by plane. A list of available company are included in the links section of the web site.

Q: Is it possible to bring my own boat?
A: Yes, you may bring your own boat.

Q: Do you accept animal on site?
A:  Yes your furry friend is always welcome.

Q: Do you provided life jacket?
A: Bringing your own is recommended, we have a llimited number of them at the lodge

Q: Can I bring my ATV?
A: Yes you can but since most of the cabins are accessible by boat only, you will have to leave the ATV at main camp.

Q: Is gasoline included in your packages?
A: Gasoline used is paid at departure.